Can flies reproduce in the pipes of my sink?

Flies are small flying insects that are often attracted to human settlements because of the food available. These are not only annoying pests, they also spread diseases from contaminated food to uncontaminated ones. If you have noticed flies in the kitchen or bathroom, they may be reproducing in the sink pipes. This is a problem that must be addressed if you want your house to be free of flies.

There are several types of flies that reproduce habitually in the drains. The fruit fly and the fungus mosquito are two common flies that nest and reproduce in the drainage system. Drainage fly, also called sewage, fly moth and filters fly, is known specifically for these characteristics. The phorida flies and the Spharecierid fly are two others. Although the habits of these are different, they are all attracted by the drainage for reproduction purposes.

Drains provide moist conditions where flies like nesting and breeding. In the kitchen, food scraps are dragged down the drain and stuck in the trap, where they can remain for a while. This food provides the flies with food for their young. Once they lay their eggs on rotten food, they hatch, producing larvae that then turn into flies. Drainage flies are attracted by the film of water and moisture that develops along the drainage, which makes them especially common in the sinks and drains of the shower.

Manual cleaning
If you watch flies moving out of the drain, take immediate steps to ensure that your house does not become infected with insects. If you notice that there are drainage flies coming out of the shower drain, boil a large pot with water and pour it through it. Next, take a hard brush and scrub the edges of the drain to make sure no eggs have survived the hot water.

Keep the pipes clean to avoid a fly infestation. After using the sink, flush the pipes with hot tap water. Use traps to keep food from being washed away and clean regularly with soapy water and a nylon brush to prevent flies from reproducing in them. It uses mosquito nets on doors and windows during the summer and seals the holes where the insects could enter.

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