Easy Fruit Fly Trap

How to make an Easy Fruit Fly Trap

Fruit flies have become one of the rising concerns for the housekeepers. They have become a threat for all the homemakers who want to keep their kitchen safe and hygienic. Making all the necessary precautions also sometimes cannot avoid fruit flies. These fruit flies often infest our kitchens and are in great numbers and are produced due to pollution and outdoor climatic changes. Lowering pollution and making climatic changes are not in our hand. So, we can only try to keep our place clean by trapping these gnats and killing them. Making an easy fruit fly trap and catching them is always a good idea. You can also create an easy fruit fly trap for your kitchen and can keep your place absolutely hygienic. Let’s know how to make an easy fruit fly trap with this article.

One of the most efficient and easy fruit fly traps being used by numbers of people all around the world is a plastic bowl trap. You can easily make one of these traps as it is very easy and inexpensive method. For this trap, all you need is a plastic bowl and a piece of decaying fruit inside it. This plastic bowl trap is an easy fruit fly trap based on a capture mechanism and largely captures the gnats and eventually kills them. You can put some vinegar in the plastic bowl along with the piece of decaying fruit. The smell of vinegar and rotten fruit attracts gnats a lot and thus the combination will prove to be the best method to trap the fruit flies. After that, you need to cover the plastic bowl with a lid in which you can make holes with a pin. These holes will let the flies enter the bowl but they won’t be able to leave and will be trapped in the vinegar.

To make this easy fruit fly trap more effective, you can add a little detergent in it. The detergent will lessen the surface tension and hence the fruit flies will sink in to the vinegar and will die. You can keep this easy fruit fly trap near the infected areas and the most possible areas of these flies such as decaying fruits, open trash cans, sinks etc overnight and can catch these gnats easily. For best results, you can repeat this procedure every time you see a fruit fly in your kitchen. You can also keep this easy fruit fly trap permanently in your kitchen to completely get rid of these little nuisances.

Making this easy fruit fly trap is very simple. So don’t let these pesky flies infest your kitchen any more. Make an easy fruit fly trap for your kitchen today and completely get rid of fruit flies.

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