Fruit Fly Traps

It may sound crazy, the term fruit fly traps but they do exist. But there are ways to trap these annoying pests. There are a few ways store bought traps that you can use; there is the bug zapper. These are from the 90′s; they light up and when a fly or insect hits the light, zap! The other store bought item is the pest strips, these are kind of nasty to use but they get the job done.

Fruit Flies TrapIf you are looking for some home remedies to trap the fruit flies, here are some really good suggestions that actually work. These may sound funny but remember you will want to try anything to avoid swarms of fruit flies hovering around your kitchen.

Here is how to make a Glass Trap: Place a small piece of fruit in a glass; it doesn’t have to be a deep glass. Then cover the glass tightly with Saran Wrap; now place a small hole in the plastic. Watch the fruit flies come to the glass, they can get in through the hole but they cannot get out.

How to Make a Wine Trap: Pour a small amount of wine in a little bowl. Using your fingertip, place a small amount of dish soap and lightly place the soap into the wine. This will help break the surface of the wine and then the flies will come because they are attracted to the sweet smell. The traps work because they will drink the wine but they will fall into the wine but they can’t fly out because the soap weighs down their wings.

The Plastic Zip Lock Bag Trap: Slice up a few apple slices and place them inside the zip lock bag, leave about an inch or so open. This will let the fruit flies in the bag. Then as they approach or get stuck in the bag while they eat the apple, you can close the bag trapping these flies inside.

If you have problems with fruit flies in the sink of your kitchen, we can suggest, pouring cleaners that are ammonia based and pour down the drain. This will keep the flies away. Now you use the soap and wine trap or the fruit and plastic wrap trap to catch them. There are so many ways to trap fruit flies, the idea is to get rid of the ones you have and prevent anymore from coming. Keep all trash covered, keep sinks and drains clean and you should be fruit fly free in no time.

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