Get Rid Of Fruit Flies Naturally

Trap Fruit Flies Naturally

In almost all the kitchens, fruit flies are the sturdiest nuisance. Housekeepers generally find difficulties in getting rid of these fruit flies. But there are ways to eradicate fruit flies logically. There are numbers of natural ways that really work great and you can get rid of fruit flies naturally and prevent your kitchen from bring infested with these pesky little flies. Let’s check out the ways to eschew fruit flies easily with this article.

Ways to eliminate fruit flies naturally

One of the easiest and best natural ways to stop these flies is by using detergent and vinegar. You can find vinegar or apple cider in every home as it is affordable and have uses in many dishes. So, what can be better way to eradicate fruit flies easily other than using vinegar?

With vinegar and detergent, you need to make an effective trap to catch these flies and kill them so that they won’t come again and again and become a big headache for you. To make the trap them easily, you need one cup of apple cider or vinegar, dish soap or detergent powder and a small plastic jar (You can use water or a soda bottle).

Fruit flies have a great attraction towards apple cider and generally they look for mating to protect their own lives. So, using apple cider as a bait to attract these flies is the best idea. To eschew them, you can use a water bottle with a small opening or a jar filled with apple cider and can cover the lid with a stretch film having holes punched in to it. With these holes, fruit flies can enter the jar but won’t be able to leave. These flies cannot resist the smell of apple cider and will flock into your trap.

If you use a water or soda bottle, it becomes an inexpensive way for you. To trap and eventually kill the fruit flies, you can put one cup of apple cider in to it and a small amount of detergent. Detergent will lower the surface tension and will break the vinegar and fruit flies will sink in to it and will die. You should always put the trap where you see the maximum number of flies but to completely eradicate fruit flies completely, you need to put several bottles. The best places to put the trap are near rotten fruits, counter tops, trash cans, sinks and the places where there are maximum possibility of these fruit flies.

These fruit flies usually lay a large number of eggs at a time and hatch them. So you must take care to completely eradicte them so that they won’t be able to infest your kitchen again and again. You can keep the trap in the possible areas permanently to completely avoid these flies.

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