Get Rid Of Gnats Naturally

Ways control Gnats Naturally

Gnats are also known as fruit flies and are one of the huskiest irritant for almost all the kitchens. These flies are so small that it is difficult to see them. Only the presence of a crowd of gnats makes possible to see them. These fruit flies lays around 500 eggs at a time and multiplies very fast hence getting rid of these gnats is not that easy. But, we need to do something to destroy gnats naturally. Don’t we? Check out some simple ways to eliminate gnats natural way with this article.

It is really irritating to see swarm of gnats buzzing around our food. These flies completely infest our kitchen and become a big nuisance. There are ways to control but before this, let us know some interesting facts about these gnats.

Why gnats are called fruit flies?

Gnats are more commonly called as fruit flies because they are present in abundance near a decaying fruit. They are usually attracted with the smell of the rotten fruits and cannot resist this smell. But it is not necessary that will buzz only around rotten fruits, they also like the smell of rotten food. Gnats are not a single type of insect, rather they are a group of different kinds of insects and infests kitchen completely. Hence, it is essential to stay healthy.

Easy ways to exterminate gnats

The most common targets for gnats are decaying fruits and food. So, covering the fruits and food items with a plastic cover or a container is probably the easiest idea to eleminate gnats. If you always cover your food items, the smell will be prevented from being spread in the air and gnats will not be attracted. Gnats can also gather in open trashes, drains, unclean sinks. Therefore, it is always advisable to cover the trash cans and drains and always clean the sink. A good housekeeping is the best way to terminate naturally and this way you can keep your family healthy.

Always try to keep your place and surroundings clean so that foul odor does not spread in the air and you can completely eradicate gnats naturally. If already, your kitchen has been infested by these gnats, you can use a trap to catch these gnats and kill them to ensure a complete protection of your family. You can put some apple cider or vinegar in a bottle or a jar with small detergent powder. Apple cider attracts gnats a lot and thus proves as powerful bait. You can keep these bottles permanently in your kitchen and other possible places of these gnats and can be destroyed completely

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