The secret to eliminating the fruit fly

A fruit fly is a small insect and coffee that looks like a miniature version of a home fly. Fruit flies tend to gather around decaying fruit, garbage, stagnant water, and decaying flesh. When the fruit flies appear, they can get inside the food and become a risk for your health and that of your family. There are some secrets that you can use to eliminate these flies and expel them from your home within a few days of your first appearance.

Locate the source
The most effective way to eliminate fruit flies is to find the source of infestation. A problem with fruit flies can start from stagnant water around the drain of your bath tub, trash that fell out of the bag and remains at the bottom of your trash can, that fruit bag that has been on the table For a long time, a bag of potatoes with a rotten in the bottom or a piece of fruit that fell to the bottom of your pantry. Check your garbage can, the inside and outside of the waste disposal area in your kitchen sink, your cupboard and any place where you keep food or water. You will know that you have found the source because it will be the area with the most intense infestation.

Home remedies
Fruit flies remain for days, even if you have eliminated the source of the infestation. One way to catch and kill fruit flies is to pour apple cider vinegar into a glass and then cover it with aluminum foil or transparent wrapping paper. You can also cover the inside of the glass with honey to attract more flies as this will cause them to stick to the glass. Seal the aluminum or plastic cover with tape, and then make small holes with the tip of a meat knife. Fruit flies are attracted to vinegar, but the cover and honey will prevent them from coming out. You can put these traps around the house to eliminate the rest of the flies.

Areas of reproduction
Fruit flies lay their eggs in moisture. One secret to removing these flies is to get rid of your breeding grounds. If the infestation is in your bathroom, replace grout in the tile and replace the old sealer with a new one will remove the small, moist areas where the fruit flies lay their eggs. Potting soil can also be a popular place for flies to lay eggs. You can remove the pots, or you can let the soil dry until the flies have disappeared.

Double-sided adhesive tape
If you can get the flies to stick to a surface, then you’ll make them die in a short period of time. Home flies are also effective in catching and killing fruit flies. For something a little less visible, you can hang small strips of double-sided tape around the infestation area. Be sure to change the tape strips frequently until the infestation has disappeared.

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