Tips and Steps To Prevent Fruit Flies

If you have ever been to a picnic or a barbecue, you may have noticed a small swarm of fruit flies hovering over a bowl of macaroni salad. Not only are these fruit flies annoying but also they bring germs and bacteria to the party. A good tip for when you are having an outdoor party is to hang a bug zapper. A small one that plugs in is perfect; you can get these in your local Home Depot.

Another helpful outdoor tip is make sure that you have secure lids on all of your food. If the food is tightly covered there is no room for these flies to get into the food. Make sure that your garbage is nowhere near your food. Not only do fruit flies like to linger over food but they like garbage as well.

Prevent Fruit Flies

If you let these flies stay around long enough they are going to lay their eggs, the problem is that you may not find where in time. Since fruit flies generally are found outdoors, there is little else you can do to get rid of them. But indoors can be a potential breeding ground as well. Fruit Flies only last for about 10 days, in that time they can lay their eggs and you will have a whole new problem. So it is just an important to keep the flies out of home too.

Make sure that all garbage is thrown out, every night wash out your kitchen garbage can. Make sure that there is nothing left over in these cans that will attract a fruit fly. Use a disinfectant spray or use soap and water. If you have children make sure that they don’t have any dishes in their rooms, sometimes they forget about a dish or a cup and fruit flies will be attracted to left over items left on a plate. So a good tip to remember is collect all cups, glasses and dishes at night.

If you have pets, the open food bowl is an attraction to fruit flies. The dry food is generally ok but try to keep a minimum amount in there. Rinse out water bowls, because there is nothing a fruit fly loves more than stagnant water. If you serve your pet moist food from a can, make sure that the dish is cleaned out after they are done. If you generally clean up and keep food secure, you don’t have to worry about fruit flies.

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